Practice Areas

The real estate practice of the McWilliams & McWilliams, PLLC encompasses the full spectrum of legal issues in the sale, purchase, development, and occupancy of real property. We represent all parties in commercial and residential real estate development and transactions: developers and builders; owners and buyers; landlords and tenants; mortgage companies, and real estate brokers. 

From the acquisition and development of raw land to property purchases, sales, and leases, we help clients close. From contract inception to closing and funding, we are skilled with all Transactional Real Estate matters. We identify and resolve any potential legal issues that may arise so that your Real Estate Transaction will be handled as smoothly as possible.


We partner with Capital Title of Texas, the largest independent title company in the United States. As a fee office for Capital Title, we handle all aspects of your real estate transaction, from contract drafting and negotiation, to ordering and analyzing title commitments and title history, to drafting of closing documents (including settlement statements, closing disclosures, loan documents, and curative instruments), and the facilitation of Closing itself.

We analyze, evaluate, and explain the status of property title based on a thorough review of title commitments, title reports and filed documents relating to a property’s history. Our half-century of experience make us uniquely qualified to advise our clients on any title issues of concern, prepare objection and response letters as applicable, and recommend/initiate curative steps needed to resolve an adverse title issue and clear up title.


Our firm’s roots in McKinney go back 150 years.  Since Stan McWilliams was licensed to practice law in 1972, the population of Collin County has grown from around 70,000 people to over 1 million people today. Some estimates indicate our population stands to double between 2020 and 2030. As a result, we’ve necessarily witnessed and facilitated the conversion of hundreds of thousands of acres of raw land or farmland into residential, commercial, and infrastructural development. This experience inures itself to a unique understanding of the nuance of land development as it relates to financing, governmental relations, down to the history of a particular parcel of land itself.

           •  Contract Drafting and Review
           •  Document Preparation
           •  Due Diligence
           •  Closing & Title Services
           •  Transfer of Title and Ownership
           •  Buying and Selling Property
           •  Contract Disputes
           •  Liens
           •  Resolution of Landlord/Tenant Disputes
           •  Lease Contract Review
           •  Deeds
           •  Closing & Title Services
           •  Owner Finance Transactions
           •  Co-Tenancies


Lenders rely on our expertise that has been built on over 50 years of experience, managing every step of the legal process and constantly seeking innovative ways to reduce litigation risk and cost. Our commercial experience provides the framework to secure loans by securities, other investment property and specialty collateral. We have documented agricultural loans, asset-based loans and factoring transactions, as well as reimbursement agreements relating to letter of credit facilities. Put simply, if a lender wants to make a loan, we can document it.

          •  Refinancing of property
          •  Home-equity
          •  Closing and Title Services
          •  Document Preparation
          •  Due Diligence